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Fullpage.js + Webflow interactions: Flickering and slowing down in Safari (MacOs)

Hi Webflow community!

I’m having problems with fullpage.js working at the same time with native Webflow interactions.

Please check my examle site below in Safari browser on Mac. Elements with interactions are flickering and the scroll speed slows down.

Please tell me, where is my mistake. Already read a lot of threads, but there is no answer to my question…

Here is the link to website:

Here is my public share link:

Hey Nikita!

That’s a known bug in fullPage.js that was fixed in fullPage.js 3.0.5.

Just make sure you use the latest version and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Hey Alvaro!

Just upgraded to fullPage.js 3.0.5. but the problem is still there in Safary browser.

Try to scroll between the first anв the second sections and you will notice some flickering. I suppose there is some conflict between webflow interactions and fullpage.js

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Probably due to the change of background colors for each section.
Try again without using it.

I don’t think it is fullpage.js related.