Keyboard Scroll Will Not Trigger Interactions

I installed FullPage.js and built a site with sections containing interactions so that when they scroll into view, the opacity changes from 0 to 100%. The interaction works perfectly when using a mouse or trackpad to scroll into view, but does not work at all when scrolling using the up and down arrows on the keyboard. Not sure if this is possible with Webflow. Can someone help? See the last section of the live site for reference:

When I scroll using the down arrow, it stays at 0% opacity. I have to wiggle the scrollbar with my mouse to trigger the interaction.

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

@Alvaro_Trigo Do you have any recommendations/ideas?

Sure, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been on holidays :slight_smile:

Using the fullPage.js options fitToSection: false and scrollBar: true should do the trick.
We are working on this issue.

Thanks @Alvaro_Trigo ! I actually ended up buying the fadingEffect fullpage extension as a work around :sweat_smile: But I appreciate your answer so I know for next time!