Fullpage.js Mobile Section height

Hi - I am using Fullpage.js and am having an issue on Mobile where my sections aren’t taking into account the Safari Address bar. The sections extend beneath the bar - which means my bottom aligned text appears in a different position depending on if you scroll down or back up through the sections:

Edit: the same issue is visible in chrome too.

Having investigated - my section heights don’t seem to be calculated in the same way as other sites using fullpage - where the inspector shows for example: element.style {height:1020px;}. On My site there is no calculated height.

I have read that absolutely positioned elements / use of overflow:hidden can cause this but nothing I have tried makes any difference.

I have tried:
-Using 100vh / 100% on the wrapper and sections.
-Removing absolutely positioned elements from sections / setting overflow:hidden (as per this)
-Setting -webkit-fill-available on the body;
-Various Fullpage options

Any help greatly appreciated!

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