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Full width slider with scroll trigger

Hello guys!

I have a bit of a problem with recreating effects that I saw on a website and that I would like to put on one that I am working on.

The refference website is:

I am a big fan of slider that they have and the way it is triggered. Does anyone have an idea how to accomplish the same effect using Webflow?

No way (Yet) to create this wave effect transition by webflow only (This is custom frontend code - displacement map). So you should solve this by codepen (custom code) and move the solution to webflow (The easy part).

Base on this library (GSAP). This is advanced JS library.

For example, this transition made by plugin based on GSAP:

I think you should add this Q here:

The trigger is regular next/prev buttons. The idea of the animated counter (1 from 6) - also sub mission her.


One more famous framework:

Very close example + Tutorial:

A slideshow with liquid distortion effects in WebGL powered by PixiJS and GSAP: