Full Width Dropdown Menu

Hey All!

So I want to make the dropdown menu 100VW but it stretches off the screen, I tried changing it from absolute, but it just went all over the place lol I’ve attached a screen shot of what I am trying to do and I was wondering if there was an easier way for me to do this!!


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Found a solution for ya,

  • Click on the Products menu item and then go to settings and click “Open Menu

  • Right click on the dropdown items and choose Select Parent and then select DDMenuFullWidth

  • set DDMenuFullWidth to FIXED instead of absolute and then re-set the VW to 100

Then edit the menu as you like, it will know open in full-width and will not go off screen

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okay so I did that, but even when its set to fixed with 100vw it still stretches off the screeen


I tried that but if you see my screenshot it just goes off screen

Hello, I had this same issue and I figured out to solve this issue you set the position to 0 on both sides instead of auto.

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Thanks for sharing that.

What happens when you scroll with the menu open, does it remain fixed in place? That seems to be the only downside to making a dropdown menu full width using fixed method.

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Yes I see the issue now. Hmm very interesting I will definitely have to fix this issue. Thank you for letting me know!

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Did you find a solution for this?

Hello @nate199 I didn’t find a solution for this but I’m sure there is a Webflow expert that can help you if you are having this issue.

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I was going thru this same issue and solved it using position: fixed and setting margins to 0. Now, I need it to be below all items on my website (cause it’s like a bg image) so I set it to z-index: -1 but it only goes below the parent element and not the whole body. Any thoughts???