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Full Screen Overlay

Hello there,

I’m attempting to do an interaction, and maybe Im going to crazy with the interactions. But Whatever they are fun.

Either way,
here is what I want to happen:
I want to have my project links open an full screen overlay with an embedded video. I also want the user to be able to close and return back.

here is the problem
The interaction works great…Once. If I click the link and close it, than click the link again the overlay opacity fades in slowly and fades out but is still active.

Any advice? Too lofty for the interaction? Too many moving parts and its breaking…Maybe?

Project link

C4D Section
If you’re on the home it’s a sub page you have to click on View project as well.

Thanks again. This one is a head scratcher.

I tried the website but I didn’t see the issue, are you still having the problem?

Yeah I was working on it. Im not sure whats going on with it now. I have a different problem. It starts loading in, not interaction for load in is assigned to the animation either. But i can close it and re open it’s fine. But I cant figuer out why it loads in as visible.

display: none, Opacity: 0