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Full bleed nav bar layout help needed :)))

Hello, I am creating a portfolio website, which ideally should look like this

E.g On a desktop version I want my nav bar to take up half of the page, and the other half of the page to be filled with the content according to the page.
My hero reference for this type of layout is:

On the tablet and mobile version, I want my nav bar design to appear the same, but fill the whole page instead.

What I am working with at the moment is:

The challenges that I am facing at the moment are:

  1. My nav buttons get lost on all devices except desktop & I need advice on whether my layout setting in my nav bar are correct.
  2. I don’t understand how to build the layout of my right side of the page according to my desired design (first image). If half of the page is my nav bar, should I make another half of the page as a div block? If so, what layout setting would be an optimal solution?

P.S I am ready to sacrifice some design features, in order for things to run smoother. I’ll be happy to hear any suggestions.

Let me know if anything remains unclear
Thank you!:blush:

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Hello @keeponfire

The first thing is the nav buttons. See screen record here >

Thank you so much, really helpful