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Navbar layout format?

Hey, I forgot how to format the navBar so that it aligns to the margins of the text boxes, div blocks, and other UI content.

How can I align this?

Hello! If you’re talking about having the left and right edges of the nav content line up with the content on your page, you’d just need to match the width, margin, and padding settings. It looks like your main content is set to 5% left and right padding, so you’d want to do that on your navbar as well.

Note: custom width settings on your navbar will make it harder to line things up, so I’d suggest removing any custom width settings in this case.

Hope that helps!

I set everything in the navbar to auto on the width and height and it’s still doing the same thing


I recorded a quick video that I think will help. I replaced the Container with a Div since container elements automatically have width settings applied. I hope this helps out, but let me know if it’s not what you’re talking about.

thank you dude, I completely forgot navbar building since hopping off of WebFlow for a few months

how would you go about the navbar on landscape and mobile? it’s inheriting the same parameters but for some reason it’s not spaced well.

I’m trying to get my menu to open right like on