Front Page Hero Resolutiion and actual Kb size?

Hey guys, just wondering what everyone is doing with their full screen hero page. Doing some reading, some web devs are designing websites in full HD [1920x1080]. So thats what I am aiming for myself. I managed to compress my 1920x1080 picture from 3megs to 810kb. Very little to no loss in quality using “tinyjpg”. Is this the correct method of designing? Or do some use lower resolution in their hero full front pages? And is 810kb still considered large for web delivery?

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Ok… I thought I was with a jpg but it was png. Did the conversion and optimized it again and got it to 210kb. Anyone get their lower or im I at the wall with it?

General rule says images under 150kb. But for an important hero section I guess 200 is not so bad. We’re in the same boat, same numbers than you. Size depends on the content of the image, and the compression level you’re ready to apply.

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Ahhh good to know. Ill go by those numbers!

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