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From Adobe Muse to Webflow


I have been using Adobe Muse because it is extremely easy to use and has some nice features. However, for a variety of reasons, I feel that Webflow is a much better option for me.

Here is the muse version of the site I am working on

It was relatively easy to recreate the website in Webflow -

I’m stuck and would greatly appreciate some guidance. Can anyone direct me to a resource that teaches me how to recreate the pop-up menu that appears on the sub-pages (i.e. ) in Webflow?


Hey Jesse! Glad to hear you are enjoying webflow, as you get familiar with it more and more you will love the power it has. Perhaps the built in dropdown menu widget will work for you?

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Hi Jesse,

Sorry this is not a response for a resolution to you pop-up menu but I just wanted to welcome you to Webflow. Your title, “From Adobe Muse to Webflow” caught my attention because I have recently started with Webflow as I transition from Adboe Muse. I am liking it so far but it is taking me some time getting used to building with sections, inline blocks, etc.

Wishing You Sucess.


jaidenraleach & stuzz

Thank you for your welcome and responses. I guess that I have been over thinking it. The Drop Down menu should do it.

Webflow takes some time to get used to, but it’s fairly intuitive. I am looking forward to it. From what I have read, it seems like Webflow is continuously evolving and moving in a very positive direction.

Thanks again for your responses.

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Hello @Jesse and welcome to our community :)

I highly recommend going through all tutorials available at This should highlight the best use of Webflow as a developing tool.

I really like your website, but I’d suggest using the horizontal menu once you pass the first, main image. It could give a user the ability to better control the content on your website. Look for the tutorial on how to create a menu that appears after some specific interactions. It’s in the interactions category.

If you ever find yourself stuck feel free to ask our community ;)

@Jesse Awesome! And like @bartekkustra said, the tutorials can do wonders.

Welcome Jesse, I was a die-hard Muse loyalist now Webflow freak. Please feel free to post your issues and the wonderful community here will be ready to assist including myself. If you use Adobe Business Catalyst platform, I can assist you in plugging BC modules and webapps with Webflow without stress, just like you would in Muse.

Please don’t hesitate.

Thanks again everyone. It’s nice to know that Webflow has such a supportive community. The Tutorials are great. The possibilities are incredible.

@topelovely Thanks for your offer to assist with Business Catalyst. I am looking forward to see what the Webflow team is working on in regard to blog/CMS. They seem to have an awesome vision and have proven that they can implement thing extremely well.