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Freelance available

Hi. I’m a frelance and gladly announce you that I’m available to help with you webflow projects needs. Pm me for detail or to discuss how I can help you today.


Please check out my first sample work made with Webflow. It needs tweak here and there still until I 100% satisfy.

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It would help if you posted your portfolio site link so potential customers can see your past work. :wink:

Hi. Yes I realise that but I’m new to this business so first I need clients to have a portfolio. The only one I have for now is my sample website I made with webflow. I’m not 100% satisfied yet. Maybe I should post that for now.

Thanks to your suggestion.

I might be interested in working with you! Do you want to drop me a line? Thanks,


I’ll drop you PM matt. Thanks.

maybe you can help me with this:

with html 5… I think you will need to create 1 large section - with a container… which then has a table with 2 columns.

Column 1 has the tool bar - column 2 has the site title / content footer.

The problem” with html 5 is “the way sections work”.

From what I understand - they always span 100% of the layout
----- where-as a “regular” div can be controlled.

Webflow (and I think html 5 as a standard) will not allow you to place a section into a container (div)
— which means a section has to be the outer most container - with the exception of the body… which itself is a container.
— have been meaning to play with this though… to make sure. If someone else has already done this… please tell.

So basically…


  • section 1
    — container
  • section 2
    — container
  • etc

if you did this in html 4.… you would use a container div - then 2 container divs inside that.


  • div 1
    — div (sub-div 1-1)
    — div (sub-div 1-2)
    — div (sub-div 1-2-1)
    — div (sub-div 1-2-2)
    — div (sub-div 1-2-3)

container div 1-1 would be the toolbar
container div 1-2 would be the the rest of the content

  • ie: 1-2-1 site title
    1-2-2 - content
    1-2-3 - footer - etc.

Please get in touch with me…

well… I’ve come to figure out
---- that Sections can exist within another Container Element
---- like a Container or a Table.

I was trying to figure out how to utilize “Sections” when your website has multiple “types of products”.

For example… hand tools vs power tools.

Sections are “suppose to group” your data / products… but there’s a clear different between hand tools and power tools.

So I decided… let’s just create a “tools” section. Within that - I add a container and a 2 column table.

Within the table - I was able to add 2 sections - 1 per column.

This allowed me to use (section off) a column for hand tools and another section for power tools.

Doing it this way… I was able “section” “my products”.

So in short… I was incorrect in my statement. Sections do not have to span 100% of the page.

They appear to span 100% of the parent container. If it’s a body element - then it’s 100% of the page. If it’s a column… a section will span 100% of the column. Same with a section inside a container… spans 100%.

Live and learn :smile: