Free or cheap forum software recommendation

Hey guys,

I’m looking to install a forum on my site.

I understand Webflow uses Discourse and it seems really good. Does anyone have experience with Discourse?

We are on a tight budget so does anyone know any other forums I could install? Ideally that are free.

Thanks for any advice!

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I thought discourse was free / open source
but they have a paid plan if you need them to host it.

Here it’s $20/month Discourse hosting. One-click install. Just point a sub-domain to the forum like how Webflow does for this forum.

Here are other free forum software (excluding hosting):

Also, usually any web hosting with cPanel will come with one-click forum installation scripts, which you can install and try out. I personally would still go for the $20 discourse hosting above though.

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Thanks very much for this! I will take a better look. Discourse definitely looks like the best option to me too . :slight_smile:

Hey @williamsbrad1994,

I highly recommend


hey Naweed

Wow I’ve never come across that before! It definitely looks interesting! Could be a good fit actually. Thank you.
For the free pricing do you know if i can host at Or would it be a muut domain?


It’s the most sophisticated app I have ever seen! You need the premium plan to use a custom domain.

Embedding it onto your website is as simple as inserting a Disqus commenting system.

All the best,

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