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MYBB forum software integration with webflow

Hey Webflowers,

I came across MYBB recently and it looks to be a great, free option for integrating forums to my webflow site. I purchased my domain at, and I’ve been told that all I need to do is install MYBB into a sub-folder or a subdomain and then use an iframe similar to the following:

I am not so sure where this sub-folder or subdomain would be located? Is that within webflow, or

Thanks for any help / suggestions for other free forum integration options.


Hi @Duncan_Anderson,

After a quick review of MyBB, you will not be able to use it with Webflow as it requires and FTP which we do not support. Now you may be able to install it through but you will need to host it through there and there will be no direct link to it within Webflow itself.

This is geared to WordPress or other php or MySQL systems.

I would recommend Discourse for a forum as that is what we are using now for our forum.

Hope this helps and guides you in your path for your project.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon