Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Free 5 minute user testing on your design from real humans

If you haven’t tried the above free service, go for it. Get real insights from a real human that records his/her reactions of your design.

What you get is a 5 minute video screencast of the session.


Thanks for sharing @PixelGeek, some great stuff. :grinning:

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And here’s another option for a free test:

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@aixen Thanks for the share, though when I saw the pricing I didn’t understand what currency it was in, can you maybe give me a hint on what currency it is? Thanks! :wink:

haha, sorry about that! I’m Nigerian so I put the pricing in Nigerian Naira but that’s why I posted a link to the free test page, which doesn’t require any payment :smiley:

[I’ll integrate a more universal payment option, if this experiment gains any traction.]

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Haha, okay, that’s fine :wink::blush::grinning:

Nice video. Thank you for sharing.