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Frame redirect not possible with webflow?

Hi - I was attempting to use a domain I own with frame redirect to a webflow site, however it returns a blank page. Am I correct to assume this is simply not possible?

It’s not that it’s not possible, but it’s forbidden, and it’s blocked from a few weeks ago I think…I catched a post where someone from Webflow was saying that recently.

It’s understandable, Webflow wants you to pay for hosting a website with custom domain. So hosting your Webflow site “for free” on Webflow and embed it alltogether elsewhere isn’t allowed. You can simple dowload the code and host it where you want at no extra cost so I guess it’s OK.

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Fair enough, I thought it might be something like that. I’m just looking for a temporary solution until I can afford to pay for a subscription, but I’ll just use URL forwarding for now I guess. Thanks.

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Hi @joshuafry, @vincent was correct, it is forbidden due to security issues with IFRAME, you will have to use another option or subscribe to a paid membership when you can. Cheers, Dave