Foxy Cart, Webflow, and Select Menu issues

Here is the Foxy Cart code I am using to add a product to the cart. The code, below, works just fine:

(Edit": I can’t get the code I psated to show up on the forum so please visit my site for an example of the issue).

60 Count Bottle 120 Count Bottle - Case 180 Count Bottle </form

Here’s my issue. I want to be able to use CMS fields to dynamically fill in the options values. For example, the first option values above would be “60 Count {p:49.95|c:147-R}” and “60 Count bottle”. The problem I am running into is each product has several different size and flavors. For example, the product above has 3 select menu options however I have other products that will have up to 10 select menu items. If I put in 10 CMS select fields then all the blank lines will show in the select menu, making the select menu long.

My other issue is the Select menu is blank when using the dynamic data. I would greatly appreciate someones help!

Here’s an example:

Here is a better way of wording the question:

Can you populate a select menu inside of a form with dynamic data from a CMS collection? I don’t think you can and this is a major limitation. Any ideas?

Hi @Bghead8che

Paging @foxy - who i’m sure will guide you through how to make this work - they are full of ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

@StuM Thanks for the ping.

@Bghead8che Nice to meet you! We actually have a script that will take a single line text field in Webflow’s CMS, populated with a comma separated list of options (including product option modifiers) and turn it into select dropdown. I just messaged you instructions. Let us know if we can help with anything.


Hi I need to be able to do the same thing. Could you send me that script as well?

Thank you,

Hi @AmayaStudios.
Just sent over instructions. Let us know if you have any questions.


Could you also send me this script? Thank you!

Hi @ptfoster.
Just messaged you. :slight_smile: