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Forum Block Trouble shooting


I am having trouble with my forms and am looking to see if anyone has a solution. I am looking to have a larger textbox for my message box in the forum.

I would also like to be able to hit enter and have it go to the next line, unlike how it is now and hitting enter submits it.

I have attached a photo with it and my website is

if anyone has a solution it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @Sofoklis_Gourdoukis to increase the text area simply select the Form Block > Form > Text Field element and head over to the Size settings on the right hand side and change the height to whatever you wish.

Regarding Hitting Enter / Next Line stuff, you can check out this post from the forum… How to disable enter to send message

But do consider accessibility and website users that utilise this functionality when submitting forms.

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I just tried changing the text field size. I am able to change it but if I type the line continues to flow over and wrap to the second line below.

Have you got a Read Only link?

You need to remove the basic text field for your ‘message’ area.

Instead use a free Textarea element and it fixes the issue.



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Works perfectly, thank you so much. I really appreciate it

You’re welcome @Sofoklis_Gourdoukis