Forms suddenly stopped working

Hi there, suddenly this morning all forms from my website stopped working.
Anyone submitting a form gets the form’s error message.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Thanks by advance for your help !

Here is my site Read-Only

Hi @ldejabrun

Have tested and your Contact Us form submits ok.

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Hi @WisdomainUK, thanks for testing ! that’s strange…
It seems that the problem is coming from this page: DeepReach - Comment développer le marketing local avec les réseaux publicitaires, once i get the error in this form, everything stops working in the whole website… very odd…

@ldejabrun I have tested that form too which submits successfully. I have tried entering wrong information and not selecting required fields to get errors but works fine as the error messages prompt to correctly fill the fields.

Had you maxed your form submission count for the month as that could have been the issue?

@WisdomainUK Well, if it works on your end, must be a pb on my laptop or wifi (tested on Chrome, Brave, safari and Arc, still not working)…
I’m far from my submission count this month, so it shouldn’t be the issue, I’ll have to investigate further on.

Thank you a lot for your help !