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Form with mailchimp is not working

Hi! I’m having trouble with my mailchimp forms.

I get submissions but I don’t get the confirmation email with the data and on mailchimp I’m only getting the names.

I tried by using the post to method from the tutorial videos, then I tried to change the name tags and add slots on the mailchimp form editor, but I haven’t been able to get the full information and the confirmation email with the information submitted on the form.

I only ask for name, email and an open text for them to tell me about their projects.

Can someone help me? :3

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Hi! I think you just need to set specific and correct ids and name attributes for each field you want MailChimp to use.

So for the First Name field, your id is currently set to Fname, and I think it should instead be mce-FNAME (and the name attribute should be FNAME). Likewise, Lname should probably be mce-LNAME (and the name attribute should be LNAME).

For the message field, I’m not sure what it needs be in order to hook it up to your particular list, but it definitely shouldn’t be Lname :slight_smile: To hook up a message field like that with MailChimp, I think you need to make a custom text field within your list’s Form Builder in MailChimp, and save that form. Then, go to the Embedded Forms section, which is where you’ll be able to see the raw code for all your list’s fields and where you can grab the id and name attributes for your new custom, message field (as well as your correct form action in case you need that, too).

Hope this helps!

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Thank you! You’ve gave me the power to master forms completely! :smiley:

Great!! Happy to help!