Form Submssions Errors all of the sudden

Hey there - I designed a site for some friends, with a lead contact form at the bottom.

Up until recently - the form submission now shows a “Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.” when trying to submit.

I attempted to add a re captcha key and add the module into the form as well, but the module is not showing up once published either.

Anyone have insight on how I can get the form submission working again?


anyone have any insight on this?

@Evan_Luza - Since your site is not hosted with Webflow, you have to provide form processing on your end. Webflow form submissions only work on Webflow hosted sites.

One of the third-party form processors would do the trick or you can roll your own if you can code.

Thank you for your reply, webev - my site is indeed hosted on Webflow however, currently using the CMS plan. The form submissions had been working previously as well, any more ideas?


A DNS lookup of your hostname from Google’s servers returns this IP. That IP is showing as hosted by Hostinger International Limited in Germany. Your DNS settings don’t match any Webflow ones I am aware of.

Maybe you had DNS changes a few days ago?

;ANSWER 14399 IN CNAME 14399 IN A
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Aah I see - this is very helpful to me, thank you again for taking the time :slight_smile: