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Form Submit Button Links

I’m super happy forms were introduced yesterday, BUT I am having a problem that I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing. I am unable to link any button that is in the from wrapper. Unlike regular buttons which have a link option under “settings”, any button that is placed within the form wrapper does not have an option for links.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

There is a message saying that “Form elements are for prototyping only”, so it may be the reason. (I think they added the feature so we can see how it will look like. The “proper” version will be available very soon, I guess.)

@solmolan is right, the current forms implementation is not wired up to the server in any way. We pushed it out because lots of folks really needed at least a basic level of forms support to style and then wire up manually.

In a few days, we are releasing an “HTML Embed” feature that will enable you to drop in external forms from other providers (e.g. Wufoo, JotForms, etc), and in the near future we’ll have truly native forms functionality that works like you would expect (submits to a server, you can access entries, etc). It will just take some time to get to the ideal.

Hey Mr. Vlad! That is fantastic news that you will be implementing external forms. I’m unfamiliar with those platforms (Wufoo, etc.) Will we be able to adjust the padding, width, fonts, etc to make them fit our sites without looking too out of place?

@strick9 I am sure it will depend on the embed. If its an iframe unfortunately the answer is no as cross domain access is blocked (all browsers) so you will have to rely on the form source website if they allow style control. If its a script…maybe…really depends on if the elements are generated via the script and what level of access the script will be allowed via webflow as it also poses a security risk. I’m not even sure webflow is going to allow scripts so lets wait for the devs to answer this one.