Form submission privacy

Hey all. There really needs to be a way to disable form submission storing in the dashboard once client billing is activated. This violates privacy of the client and can get us in trouble with certain clients that abide by a code of ethics and privacy, more notably, mental health and medical. This is something that actually made me have to switch platforms due to this oversight. Is there a feature request for this?

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Shame there hasn’t been a respinse to this. I agree – some clients want to tell web visitors that they store personal information only on their own systems. Not possible right now with WF forms, it seems?

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I asked Webflow support about this and they confirmed, that it is not possible. Here is the wishlist topic for this feature:


@callmevlad hints at something related being implemented (3rd bullet point from last) in his post here, disabling access to form data:

Not absolutely what @DFink was referring to, but perhaps post your thoughts on Vlad’s thread…

EDIT: That update appears to be here - Changes to form support and form submission visibility in project settings | Webflow Features