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Personally identifiable information in form submission URL

Our analytics consultant noticed URLs generated by the Webflow site form submissions reveal the entries by the submitter. Is there any way to prevent this as its obviously a breach of GDPR

I would like to look at this. Could you give me more details please?

Is the form hosted on a webflow site?

Is the form posting to webflow or an external form processor?

Was this observed in a direct URL by the form submitter or in Logs?

It is a form hosted on a webflow site that is posting to webflow and it was observed in the site content section of google analytics, the URL was the form page followed by the form field entries.
e.g /page?first_name=joe&last_name=bloggs

Are you redirecting users to a page on your site after submit? If so don’t use the GET method. GET corresponds to the HTTP GET method; form data are appended to the action attribute URI with a ‘?’ as separator, and the resulting URI is sent to the server.

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