Form Submission Inquiry

When someone submits a specific form on my site, they are redirected to a new page with another form. I want to be able to connect the two forms (custom code?) so I can match each submitter to their respected form submissions on both pages, otherwise I will have two form submissions and it will be challenging to match each submission to its individual submitter.

Heres an example of what I am looking to accomplish,

When you go to Homelight’s home page, you are instantly prompted to enter your city (first form), then on the redirect page, there are more forms to fill out where they extract the submitters personal info. I am simply looking for an easy way to match both submissions (on both pages) to an individual submitter.

Hi sigbit, Scott is Here

I have checked your website and I didn’t found any error on your website. So if it is possible then you can attach here the screenshot so that people can help you more. Also, I didn’t get your query could you please define more…? Good day

From @samliew

No, Webflow doesn’t have a server-side POST processor that we can manipulate. You can do it with JS and GET though.

If you are planning to export the project, then yes. Simply hire any competent web developer.

Just a theory though, if you’re not into coding, you could set something up with Zapier to listen for responses and compile the info for you in a google doc or something of that nature.

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