Form post does not submit, no errors, no success

Hey team - I’ve got a form that worked until I started playing with a reCAPTCHA and now I can’t seem to get working again.

Preview link is here.

  1. I had added a reCAPTCHA and enabled it in the site Forms settings. In troubleshooting, I have also removed that element from the form and disabled the setting.
  2. I have disabled spam filtering in settings, although that was previously enabled. In either case, I get the same result.
  3. The form has always been set to GET. I have tried both GET and POST. When I set it to POST, I get a 405 error.
  4. There are no relevant console errors that I can see. There is a weird error related to “wfCurrentLocale” that increases when the page is scrolled that I can’t figure out, but I don’t think it’s related.

I’ve searched the forums and tried what tips I could find, but am a bit stuck.


This caught us off guard as well… turns out we all need to update our Default Language Code in the Localization Setting of our sites.

Once we updated to “en” → Published → all was good.

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That was it, thanks for the tip!