Form multiple submit option

Hey Guys,

Love to see the FORM offer the option for the user to submit again after a successful submit.
In my case we use it for a newsletter sign up so entering multiple users would be helpful.

A simple option under the “success” tab would be to have the action reset the form for a new entry rather than just post a “you are subscribed…” message. The same way it does on the “error” message.

No doubt it’s a simple fix and I’m just missing it…

Is it, maybe, possible to edit the successful message and add a new button to it, call it ‘reload’ and give it the exact url of the page + the section ID, so it reloads the page and browse where the form is?

Url have to be written like

It’s just on top of my head, I don’t know if this works and I’m not skilled in javascript to provide a better, cleaner solution (:

Cheers Vincent,
That may work, I don’t really want them reloading the whole site as it’s a scrolling page just for the subscribe section at the very bottom… maybe a pop up window will do until they implement this feature. Seems like it should be able to replicate the “error” page set up…