Reset form to original state after successful submission

Is there any way for a form to reload to its original state after it’s been submitted? I have a contact form in a lightbox that stays in it’s “success” state after it’s submitted. Any way to prevent this? Read only is here, and form can be found under the contact button at the bottom:

Can anyone assist with this? @Waldo @PixelGeek @cyberdave @sabanna @bartekkustra

@brryant or @callmevlad is there a way to reset the form upon form submission/success view apart from reloading the page on submission?

@jordanshotwell can you explain the use case here? Do you want people signing up multiple times, or ability to submit multiple times? Majority of forms require a page refresh to refresh the form. Just curious :smile:



Hi @jordanshotwell!
Did you try to do redirect to the same URL, so it would refresh the page?

Hi @jordanshotwell, you can redirect to a page (including same page) after submission, but not reset the form to it’s original state using the built in widget controls.

This might be possible to do using some custom code, but it is not native yet to the widget.

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