Form Font Color! Do i have a Blackout or what?

I want my font in this form the color white?
i does not work… what do i do wrong?
it has a class… text color white?

Designer Link:

You forgot to type text in

Th grey text you see is placeholder text and we can’t control it in webflow

Try to control it with custom code:

::-webkit-input-placeholder {
   color: red;

:-moz-placeholder { /* Firefox 18- */
   color: red;  

::-moz-placeholder {  /* Firefox 19+ */
   color: red;  

:-ms-input-placeholder {  
   color: red;  

Is this new?
In the past we could do this?

No, the placeholder text was always not able to be controlled.

I would use the custom code that @vincent provided and that will change the grey placeholder text to the color you would like. :wink:

If you look closely on the example site you gave, the placeholder text is a grey color and when you type something in the text is a black color.

Thanks all! i really never knew this. Dame shame! :blush:


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