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Form element animates unexpectedly

Hello all. Creating my first Webflow project which is a work in process. On the contact page, the form field labeled YOUR MESSAGE… unexpectedly animates the first time I click into it. The behavior mimics the page load animation of the white ‘Everything begins with a conversation.’ text above the form. I’m guessing it might have something to do with class naming issues, but I haven’t been able to troubleshoot it successfully yet. Care to take a look and help me learn? I appreciate it.


Here is my Read-Only link:

Hello @DJanzen

Can you share a screen recording of the error that you’re experiencing, I just accessed your preview link but I can’t see the issue.


Thanks for taking a look, aaronocampo. Interesting that you’re not seeing what I am. I’m using Safari on MacOS Mojave, if the browser plays a part in any of this. I’m on a deadline for the next few days, but will revisit this soon.

Can you try your site on incognito mode in Chrome please?

As you suggested, @aaronocampo, I just checked the site using the Chrome browser. There is no unexpected animation the first time I click into the multi-line text field of my contact form… it just works as expected. Well then… apparently Safari 12.0.3 doesn’t like something about the form. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of unexpected form behavior in a Webflow project in Safari? And more than that… I’m not sure what my next steps should be… any thoughts?

Maybe try to see if the issue is still there if you deactivate extensions on Safari.

Thank you @aaronocampo! I discovered that the Grammarly extension caused the issue. Once I disabled it, the unexpected animation disappeared. I am very grateful for your help!

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