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Message box in contact form jumps around

Very funny bug when a user clicks on a text box within my contact form, the background jumps around on Safari.

See gif below.

preview link


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @irishbuckley!

Thanks for reaching out with your preview link and animated GIF – this definitely seems strange.

I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my side (macOS 10.12.6 – latest Safari) when I visited the site or created a duplicate. I did notice you have custom code in your project settings. Would you be able to reduce troubleshooting variables by cloning the website, removing the custom code, and viewing the site in Incognito Mode.

I’m happy to look into this for you, because the GIF is clearly showing strange behavior.

I’ll be standing by for your reply!

HI @Andrew thanks for the tips on incognito, should of thought of that to debug!

Safari and Chrome extension Grammerly is making this behaviour happen. Once I was in guest session on Chrome and disabled this in Safari, the behaviour stopped.

I can’t imagine yours support goes beyond fixing issues with extensions? Not that I think it should! But I thought I’d ask.

Otherwise, I’ll mark as solved.

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Hi @irishbuckley!

It does fall (a bit) out of the scope of our troubleshooting, but I’m personally interested in this issue because I think Grammarly is a wonderful extension. I may reach out to Grammarly, because it seems odd that the extension would do this.

Thanks for following up so quickly!


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