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Form and slider

motionless form of the order against changing pictures of a slider
Prompt how to make it? Or it is necessary to put an identical form on each picture?

can you please rephrase your question? If English isn’t your native language, may I suggest using Google Translate to us help you better?

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I think this might related to this topic:

Anyway… I think motionless form on the right panel might be a better solution to what you need. It would be best to have a 2 column section on body that fills 100% width of the screen. That way you will be able to set the left column as fixed so it will always stay on top of the site. Right panel could have all regular details your website will have. You can take a look at this one on one of Webflow Templates on Marketplace. Riiiiiiighttt heree…

Thank you very much for your answers. @ bartekkustra, I will try as you advise. I’m just starting to work in the Webflow and many do not know. I thought that the column can only be inserted into the container. It turns out you can use the Tools differently, very flexible. And I apologize for my English. I will use Google.