Form action runs but I get the error message

Hi all, thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this topic.

I have an action running for the form submissions to go to my CRM, and I used a pretty reliable Finsweet custom code with custom attributes so that the native success message appears. Here’s the link to the code & attributes I’m using: Form Submit

There is an email-only form in the footer which works perfectly; the action runs and the success message appears. However, ALL other forms on the site do not work properly, even though they are set up exactly the same (at least, I believe they are). Some of the forms, when submitted, will run the action but display the error message. Other forms take you to the CRM success page away from the website.

Can someone tell me what is so different about the footer form block from all the other form blocks?! And/or how I can ensure that ALL form blocks will run the action AND display the Webflow native success message?

Please help!! Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - New Eztia Website

Here is the link to the live site:

Hi @Eztia_Design_Team,

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First thing I’d recommend is running the Finsweet Support tool on your site and work through the error messages, you can access this through Eztia | Cold Therapy On-The-Go

The issue may be caused by multiple instances of the same form actions:

There are some instructions on setting up multiple instances here:

Hi Milan!!

Thank you for the warm welcome! At first, this still didn’t work and it was showing both the error and the success message.

But I added a number to all the form attributes “form-1” for the first form and “form-2” for the second one. And it works! It shows the native success message AND sends the data to formspark…


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