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For attribute of a label

Is it possible to change the value for the for attribute of a label?
When i add a form block it creates for attributes name and email…

any help?

@daniel So sorry at the moment we don’t have that. It makes total sense to edit it because you need to connect labels to their field, but we haven’t added that functionality yet. I’ll add it to our list. Thanks for pointing this out!

I found a small workaround. Make sure you set the input field ID value before doing this:

Placing a new ‘label’ element randomly on the screen does not set the ‘for’ value’.
Placing a new ‘label’ element above a field sets the ‘for’ value to the name of the field.

After setting it you can drag and drop it elsewhere.
So far so good.

Is there any way to set this in a normal way through the user interface yet?

Would make sense to set the ‘for’ value in a Label element’s Settings tab. Similar to how you would set ‘influences other element’ by simply typing the name with auto-complete.

Or did I completely miss this functionality and is it already there?

Yeah you’re right @patrickplaggenborg we added functionality that would auto connect the label to the field that it’s closes to (usually above the field). At the moment we don’t give a manual way of selecting which label is connected to which form field, but might show something visual down the road. Most of the time the labels are directly above the form field so we decided on that design so users wouldn’t have to worry about connecting it manually in 99% of use cases.