Footer position changing on different pages

Hi there,
I am having some issues with the placement of my footer. On my home page it is in a different place to when on the “get in touch” page. When I fix the position on the “get in touch” page, it is in the wrong position on the home page - when I fix the position on the home page, it is in the wrong position on the “get in touch” page.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Site link:
Video of problem:

hi @Oli_Elliot and welcome. The best way how to get possible solution for your request is to share “Read Only” link to see your code. What I saw in your video you have set your footer in absolute position. Is there any reason for that? When is set to relative it will follow standard flow and be positioned on bottom.

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Hello, Stan - thank you. I was using absolute to force the footer to work across all my pages.

My read-only link is:

I am still encountering issues particularly on the Contact page - it seems the footer moves with the scalable text box above in the form.

Again, thanks very much for you help - the link above might help show what exactly is going on.

Hi @Oli_Elliot here is short video how to fix your contact page but there are another ways “how to” as adding padding or 100vh etc. The problem is that you do not have enough content and footer is placed after content (standard behaviour) in your case hero section. I do not want to change how is this page set so here we go just with simple fix.

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Stan, I can’t thank you enough - countless time spent trying to figure this out. Thank you very much!

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hi @Oli_Elliotyou are welcome feel free to close this issue as solved :wink: