Footer is displayed wrong

Dear community,

the footer of our website is displayed - at least at the homepage, not on every page - wrong. This is really strange, since the footer element is the same on every page.

I added two pictures, the one shows how it should look like and the other ones shows how it looks on our homepage.

I appreciate your help.

Thanks! Best, Philipp

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - CATHAGO #New

I’ve got to admit, I’ve looked but i’m stumped @Philipp_Dressler incredibly frustrating! - Maybe one for support?

Perhaps if you post a link to a published version it would be easier for someone to debug the code by inspecting the end code?

Hi @Philipp_Dressler issue is caused by your spacer element (that create space between lists) as doesn’t have any height when you remove this elements all will start working as expected. You should use padding and/or margin for creating a space between elements as your approach is a bad practice.

@Stan Thanks for your help, but this does not solve the problem

  • I am using those spacer elements for few weeks and it worked always out
  • The footer is displayed correctly on every other page, only on the homepage it is displayed wrong
  • I just removed the spacer and used padding instead, still the same problem.

Any other ideas? Thanks anyways though!

hi @Philipp_Dressler try to remove an animations one after each other and see where the problem may be. I have remvoed these all and is not collapsing

EDIT: when animation removed on footer mobile title all stay in shape as this interaction kick out on click !!!

Still it is a bad practice :wink:

hi @Philipp_Dressler does this solved your issue or you need any further assistance with your request?

Hey @Stan, thanks for your help. Removing animations helped, so there had be some problem. And I will follow your advice not to use spacer but use padding & margin. Thanks!!

hi @Philipp_Dressler animation was revealing list that was actually collapsed. This will be more obvious and easy to find if your project was be published as WF preview mode in not reliable source of visual feedback.

If your problem doesn’t persist feel free to close your request as solved :wink:

If your issue is solved feel free to close your request.

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