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Fonts displaying in a weird way in website

Could you please check my website:

If you see the font of the menus you will see that the text is displayed weird. It’s not as smooth. I don’t know if this could be a rendering issue or it’s maybe something that is only seen on my screen, but this is how it looks, and it doesn’t look good:

You can see for example that the B in BEAUTY BAR shows all wrong. Some letters are not aligned well. How could this be fixed?


Display is OK for me:

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Oh well, I guess that is good anyway. Thank you for helping me test it out!

web fonts can render differently between different browsers and OS. Which one were you using in your first screenshot?

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I am using windows vista OS. And it shows like that in chrome, firefox, and safari. I don’t know why that is.

Hi @aerismel, it could very well be that the browser/os combination that you are using is the issue. Windows Vista is quite old, it only accounts for 2.11% of the market share. I would recommend upgrading to a new operating system and browser when the opportunity presents itself :slight_smile: You will likely also see better overall performance and experience :slight_smile: