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Font Size exceeds the text block

I’m a bit confused. This may be a small fix but I increased the font size to 140px and the text block did not increase in width or height. I had to set a manual height of 100px or so. Even still because it is contained within another div block the font itself still exceeds its container.

Hi @Tyrell_Saint-Vil ,
could you share a read only link with us?

Without having taken a look I can only assume, the problem is the text height next to the font size. Set this property to a pixel value like 100px or at a responsive value like 100 percent or as i set it 110 percent line height.


Of course. New designer here so I’m trying my best lol.

That worked! Thank you!

Hi @Tyrell_Saint-Vil,
are all your problems solved?
If yes, can you tag the post that solved your problem as solution, so others can see that the problem is solved.


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