Font height problem


Im working on my personal site and ran into a problem… I design in Chrome on my MacBook and i work with breakpoint – everything works as it should… But then i visited the site on my Windows pc in Chrome. Somehow the font of the headings (font: Tusker) height dont appear the same on my Windows pc – they overflow the box… The other headings with a different font works fine and they appear as they should.

Not just the headings in the published site looks different, but the designer aswell…

Can you guys help me?

MacBook Chrome in designer – It should look like this

Windows PC Chrome in designer

Thanks for any help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Alright i found the problem… It has something to do with the anatomy of the font. The font was overlapping its own ascender.

So what i did: I took the originally font with the overlapping ascender and uploaded it to I then set the ascender in the font-settings to 1000em, renamed the font, downloaded it and reuploaded it to Webflow.

Now the problem seems to be solved :tada:

Hope this helps somebody.