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Follow a link to a new page then activate another link on that page as soon as the page loads

I have an FAQ section on my website that uses a link property (not totally sure how it works, it was on the Homely template) to act as a dropdown when the question is clicked on and show the answer to the question. There are links from several other parts of the website to specific questions that are relevant to those sections. The problem is when the link from those other pages is clicked on it takes the user to the FAQ page and puts the relevant question at the top of the page where it is difficult to see. Is there a way to make the answer to the question that just got linked to open up as soon as the page loads so it’s easier to see?

The read only link is below. The easiest way to see an example of this issue is to go to the “Pricing” page and click on one of the links under the Premium Asset Management option which will navigate to the FAQ’s section.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Here is my site Read-Only: