FAQ opens all the Questions at a time


 I want to ask how I can create a FAQ where Only One FAQ is opened at a time. Right now, when I click on One FAQ item, all the FAQ items are opened. I don't want this.

 I want Only one FAQ item opened at a time. How can I  make this in Webflow. I have applied the animation. 

You can check here:https://eon-one1.webflow.io/faq 

I am looking for help as soon as possible. 


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Nice! @Mohamamdusman !

I think you were able to do it, right?

If you want, you can also try the Finsweet Accessible Accordion, you can easily copy/paste the accordion working this way to your project using the new Webflow library.

Check it out: Accessible Components | Webflow

Eve Kayser