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FLY template / Contact hidden element code gone ;(

Hi Fly template guys / gals

In updating the Nav, it seems that the code that went along with sliding the ‘Contact Form’ up is now gone. Me thinks I went in and downsized from a 6 nav links to 5 and in doing so I deleted the code or linking on the contact link and since its a symbol, all was updated ;( #goshdarnit!

I went to inspect the element in the actual FLY template and found this code

What to do inside Webflow, I’m not to sure, I’m guessing it has to do with an anchor, but for the life of me I can’t find any documentation that shed’s light on this.

@Deni_1990 could you be of help pls, thanks :wink:

Hey @clickryan

Please can u share the Public Link so i can take a look for you and help you to show again the contact form :slight_smile:



Also to help you fast, its not hard to show the Contact again, if u have deleted the Contact just add it again and go to Assets->Interaction and here you have a option and you can read it Show Footer

Hope this help!

HI @Deni_1990

Here is my link

The ‘contact’ symbol is there, but its the code or what to set on the Header Nav text link that I’m unaware of how to re-do?

From what I can tell, the ‘show footer’ Interactions has
1 Trigger / Click (2 Steps)
/ First Step
. Display Block / 0ms
. Move to Origin / 500ms

Second click

I wish I knew what ‘Interaction’ type you use for this ‘contact div slide up’ to work… could you tell me which of these you used found here >

thanks D


I watched the tutorials at
and figured it out.

For those that were lost where I am…

Some templates have created ‘Interactions’ - you just need to reference them on actions.

I went to a Nav LInk text link and just applied a selection in the interactions ‘Show Footer’ and voila it worked like a charm… I believe this is how, am i right Deni?