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Content not showing up in Div w' Interaction / Symbol #help :0

I’ve made my page public

At the bottom of the page, I have a call to action that reads
“Please support Lynda Sacco with a lawn sign”

When clicked, it slides open a hidden div that has a contact form. This works, but inside this symbol, I’ve got a close button and for some reason this is not showing up. I don’t think it has to do with z-index, perhaps I’ve got it somehow hidden with the properties?

Wondering if someone could shed some light on what I’ve screwed up or just not done here?

I’m trying to mimic a template I bought from another client, so essentially just trying to copy the same workflow w’ symbols / interactions and properties, but no luck >
If you click on the ‘contact’ Nav link, the same UX happens, and you can see the close button.

Have I opened up the project properly so someone can go into webflow and see where I’ve gone wrong ?

much thanks :wink:

I’ve enabled the public link if anyone wants to have a look with helping me better understand what I’ve done wrong.

@Deni_1990 if you have a second, I’m sure you’d know where I’ve done wrong!

@clickryan sure, but i see you have deleted the button “Please support Lynda Sacco with a lawn sign” to open the Form, and cant find any symbol used in page, i see it are available in symbol tab. Please make it like before so i can help you to find the Close button and make it work :smile:


hi @Deni_1990

I"ve created a v2.1 of the homepage that can be accessed in the pages dropdown.

On this page, I have the button at the bottom of the page, perhaps this is what you’re looking for?

I don’t know if i can give you access to make changes, only read only, correct?

thanks for your help on this :wink: you and the monsTer are amazing webflow talent!


Take a look to video. Hope this help!
About you question cant access in the web.