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Fluid Fullscreen Menu [interaction]- Need Help Implementing this

Hello Experts,

I am trying to recreate ** [this ]**(Fluid Fullscreen Menu [interaction]) I am having trouble understanding and constructing the elements to achieve the same quality of effect.

Here is my Read-Only Link

expert’s @Stan @matthewpmunger @vincent @cyberdave @dram @iDATUS any support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Sachu, and thanks for quoting me as an expert.
I see you posted on the OP link as Matthew P Munger | Quality Specialist at Webflow
is his current cloneable content.
The post was a few years ago so not surprised its no longer there.
I see you are having a go and good for you that is the best way to learn and the most fun.
I will have a read of the original post and look at your work and see if we can sort something out.

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Some strange effects there.
You are mixing or setting the wrong size and movement types.
e.g. you are setting width as height.
Also set an initial size in the interaction else you get an instant end size (big circle).
I could give you images of the settings but I think as you have gotten this far you would get more from using my clues to fix.

If you get stuck comeback and I help you some more.

If this is the answer and you do get your result, please tick solution and the love heart.

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