Flexbox Overlapping Parallax & Zig Zag Text Alignment


I’m new to webflow. I just started using it and now I have a challenge which I can seem to crack it with webflow. I have designed a website.

The grid is of 1140px and I want this to have parallax effect for the artwork which is embodied and overlapping sections and stuff!

Is there anyone who can actually help in achieveing that!

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Hi @shzyb Can you share you’re read only link? Here’s how > https://university.webflow.com/article/sharing-your-sites-read-only-link

Btw you can check > https://university.webflow.com/lesson/parallax-movement-on-scroll-interactions For some information about the parallax movement.


Hello, Piter

Thanks for replying. Here’s the link for you to preview and the assets are their as well. I’m making this website with flexbox as much as I can understand that! https://preview.webflow.com/preview/weavers-web-development?utm_source=weavers-web-development&preview=8462ddfc75989926f2503404b00d736a

Just not getting the idea behind how to manage flexbox on all devices and how to edit it!

PS the overlapping parallax effect that I was trying to get will basically overlap different sections. The main effect starts from section 2 with the red line weave artwork.

Would love to see your work, and if you can please do explain me!

Hello @shzyb

Manipulating Flexbox for different breakpoints is very easy. You just switch to the breakpoint you want to edit for example Mobile landscape and you edit the flex properties. Let me show with a video. Here’s a link > https://www.useloom.com/share/566cc0614a90437b91147ba7c1845354

You can set different flex styles for different breakpoints.

Tell me if you need a deeper explanation :blush:


Btw is way better to use svg for the elements you want to place.

I dont get it the elements of Large Colored Lines can be position relative with parallax effect through svg? I want to overlap the Artworks just like in the design. Is there anyway I can be able to achieve that?

Absolutely! Give me some time to record a quick video.


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You’re a life saver :smiley: thank you so much!

There might be one small thing as well I would want you to explain me! I have this learn more CTA with an arrow how can I make it interactive like once a person hovers it the Text becomes white along with the arrow and it moves forward to it’s right.

Would love to see if you can put that in the video too! :slight_smile: You’re amazing, and you know it! :smiley:

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So here’s the video. It’s very basic and there’s many things that can be done better. For example your classes, they need better naming so you can reuse classes when you need. Some of the elements need to be bigger and that’s why I suggest to use svg. Click to watch video

No parallax interactions just the elements placement.

I can help with the button too :blush:

If there’s something you don’t understand let me know.


This actually worked on the Desktop but when I was going on different browsers it was acting all nuts. Plus the way you showed me have more problem when it goes to responsive screens. Would you be able to help me with that?

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I will say that on mobile the elements can be removed with display none. I think that people on mobile need more space to focus on the content.

I get that too! but it’s not presistent to every browser and desktop! I did that and was trying on different devices including an iPad but it kept giving me bugs. Is there any other to achieve this! Thank you for your help you’ve been so kind!

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Hi again :blush: No problem! If you want to place an element on the page without effecting the position of other elements you need to use position relative and absolute. Can you tell me which browsers have a problem?

Thanks for the patience!


The problem I was having a lot was with the Chrome and IE and even on firefox. The elements stay the same size on smaller screens.

Yes because the elements need to have different size. I can’t access your read only link.

but it’s not accurate on the screen sizes .

i have attached these pictures for refrence.