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Flex display works great, until I connect it to CMS

Hi there,

I’m a bit rusty with Webflow, but after much fiddling around, I managed to get my content into nice, even boxes and rows (using flexbox). So far, so good!

Until I connected it to my CMS library… now all my items display in a single column, no matter what I do.

Here’s the page in question. The bottom-most row is not dynamic… it’s the static content version that actually displays things exactly as I want them. Everything above is what’s generated from the CMS.


Here is my public share link:

Okay, no replies yet… would love to get this resolved, but I’m not sure where to start! Has anyone else come across this issue? I tried looking for the answer in other threads, but can’t seem to find anything. Maybe I’m not searching correctly? Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

Is this what you are trying to achieve?

YES!! Exactly what I’m trying to achieve… how did you do it??

I’ll edit this comment in a second with screenshots of the flex settings used for each element. You only need to change a few things :slight_smile: I’ll start with Collection List and finish with hotelblock.




Let me know how you get on!

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Great! Thank you so much…

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Oh man… you’re truly AWESOME!!! Thank you so very much!!! Worked like a charm! :slight_smile:

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Excellent, so glad it helped! You’d have gotten there eventually I’m sure, but it helps to have some fresh eyes on it sometimes.

Yup… I think I was breaking more stuff by trying! LOL! Thanks again!

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