Flex child won't take full height

Hi guys, I’m a bit disappointed because it worked just few days before: I got a form in 2 different pages (one is Book a demo with Kolsquare and the other one is a dynamic page Expanding Brands Globally with Influencer Marketing) and I want this form to fill the entire hero section container (not specifically the form but the blue area surrounded it).

But when I change the Height from auto to % it says 24% and even if I modify the 24 to 100%, nothing appends and the form will always be too small and not fill the entire herosection block.

The weird thing is that a few days before it was working perfectly

Does someone have a tip ?


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Site Kolsquare

Hey Nicolas,

It seems to display fine for me, anything specific that looks different for you

Hi Rory :) Thanks for your reply!
Indeed for this page it’s good because the form is longer than the left part. But for example on this page

The form is shorter than the left part and it’s not going into the whole container size

Making the parent div a grid with 2 columns:

And giving sidebar a 100% width should solve the issue!

Thank you :) I was thinking about this also but I wanted to know why this doesn’t work while it was working a few weeks ago
Thanks for your time Rory and have a nice weekend

Webflow has been making some changes to the styling overview lately, so maybe that effect the build; but I honestly have no idea!