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Flashing text, how do you switch off?

For some reason the text on my new site is flashing, I’m sure there’s a simple solution to switch it off but I can’t find it!



When I ear “flashing text” on the Webflow forum I think: text that is under a layer that has motion. So the immediate solution is to fix the z-indexes. Though I don’t see any flashing text on your page… where is it?

When I view in Safari the slider on the homepage sort of flashes, it also happens for various other text, are you not seeing that?

Hi, thanks @Evgeny_Troitsky for the update. On the flashing text issue, you tell which page and which text is flashing? Can you provide a screenshot of those? Cheers, Dave :smile:


i have obne more problem due this, in safari on mac in chrome and firefox flashing type at interactions!

Often, when elements are flashing during interactions, it’s because they lie under an animated layer.

Give the flashing elements the higher z-index possible and see if it works. Chances are it will. if not, we can talk about forcing the antialias with custom code but it’s preferable not to.

Yep, i recorded video

Video – Safari mac

Hi Dave, any news about this bug in safari? can u tell what i need to do, to remove that flashy effect from the text? Second try %)

This seems to be a isolated Safari behavior. Never seen any flashing in Chrome or Firefox.

Yep, Steven – only in Safari such bug

Hi @Evgeny_Troitsky, sorry for the delay. I would suggest to set each of your elements that are flashing to have the different z-index levels, I took a quick look at the site, and it seems you have some elements on the page using the same z-index value of 1. Try to make those z-index values different.

Second thing you can look at trying is to put some custom css in your Header of your site

body { -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; }

I hope this helps, :smile: Cheers, Dave

Dave u r genius! Simly added custom css you provided and all flashing disapears :slight_smile: Thank u very much Dave!!! Have a nice day…

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