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"While Scrolling" Interaction Not Working

On two occasions, the “While Scrolling” interaction has completely stopped working for me. Everything starts off great – I think it broke when I switched to the new style panel – and then just randomly stops working. I tried switching back to the older style panel, still no go.

Instance 1:


On the “About” page. I have a “Page Color BG” DIV. It’s hooked into an interaction to change background colors once you scroll down the page. Worked great a week ago, suddenly stopped changing colors.

Instance 2


In my original unresolved thread, I demonstrated that the “Fixed” position on DIVs wasn’t working on scroll. Here is the video from my previous thread to explain.

At first, I thought it was a Chrome issue, but the behavior still doesn’t work on Safari.

Hi @DesignByDre I went ahead and moved this from the bug category to the interactions category as it was being caused by conflicting settings and not a bug. Happy to move this back to bugs though if we do encounter a bug.

Here’s a quick video walking you through what’s happening and a fix:

I’m following up on your original thread for the unrelated issue with a response :bowing_man:‍♂

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Golden. It looks like I needed to make two different interactions; one for mobile and one for desktop. Sometimes a pair of fresh eyes is all it takes. Thanks a ton!!!

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