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Fixed nav shakes on scroll - makes me feel sick! didn't used to shake

Hi all,

I’ve got two fixed elements a fixed nav and a fixed footer.

weirdly they have started shaking like crazy when scrolling by the mouse - sometimes on load - sometimes after a while.

However in the editor it is 100% fine and works properly

Any fix would be hugely appreciated as the client wishes to go live soon.


Hi @OvertonGraphics!

What browser are you seeing this in? I’ve opened it in Chrome/Safari/FF and it is working nice (great site!). Possible to post a screencast?


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Thanks Mat, I literally just fixed it by removing the page load fade in for the logo and text in the hero - possible bug?

Hmmm I will take a look! Thanks for reaching out @OvertonGraphics !

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Hi @OvertonGraphics, clean site design! Don’t forget to share it in the show and tell page:

As for the strange behavior, I’m happy to take a look. Can you post the read-only link and possibly share any screenshots/screencasts?

Hi @thewonglv - my client decided he didn’t want any interactions anyway so its a bit hard to put them back in now as bug was only happening on live site and I can’t publish the site with those effects active.

To try and replicate - I had the logo and text and button fade in on page load all separately.

and a footer and header set to fixed.

Then on live the headers didn’t fix properly and shook on scroll until stopped scrolling when they would jerk back into proper position.

Once removing all page load fade in effects the issue stopped and the fixed sections worked as expected.