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Fixed images in slider

Hey everyone,

I´m experiencing some problems with fixing images on a full width slider on my homepage.

I want all the images on the slider to be fixed as the image on the first slide.

As you can see here the first slide works great as you scroll down, the secont doesn´t show up when fixed.

Any tips on why this is happening??

Tks guys.

You have to enable the public link, check here.

Sorry guys,my bad.

I think It´s enabled now



well, you have 2 solutions.

1 - I normaly don´t do the css sliders like this, i use 1 css per slide, i think this will fix your problem

2 - Remove the fixed background and it will work

P.S. - Go easy on the pixel size images, 3000 px is way to much


Tks for the reply but unfixing the second images doens´t do what I need.

If you select slide 1 and you scroll down, you can see the image is fixed. I want that effect for the other slides as you scroll down with them selected. Unfixing, won´t do the job.

Do you think there´s a way to achieve this?

Ok, got it.

Try to use 1 CSS per slide, instead of using > SLIDE > other CSS use just one per photo.

I think the problem is you are using on the first slide an image with 3000 px and a second with 1300px. I think the 2 css is getting configurations of the huge images you have on the first slide.

You can PM me im portuguese, i´m from Azores :smiley:

Hey Rui,

Tks again for the reply.

I tried what you said (reduced pixel size, and only 1 css per image) but it still isn´t working as you can see on the public link.
Do you think there´s somtheing else I´m missing?

P.S. for some reason I couldn´t PM you

Enable the public link again, i don´t have permission.

Sorry, I dunno what´s happening, it should be enabled.

But anyways, it is enabled now.

Hi @dguerra, this is happening because browsers don’t provide very good support for fixed backgrounds.

However, you can try this workaround to set the slider mask to fixed instead of the backgrounds.


Cool, I think I manged to work around it.

Thank you very much

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